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The Lifeline ECG AED is a semi-automatic, easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable defibrillator (#DDU-2450) that comes with a 4-year battery, adult pads, an operation guide, and a user manual CD.

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    • The Lifeline ECG AED is a semi-automatic, easy to use, lightweight and portable defibrillator (#DDU-2450) that comes with a 4-year battery, adult pads, operation guide, and user manual CD.Warranty: 8 Years AED, 4 Years Battery, Until Use or Expiration for Single-Use Items, 1 Year or Until Expiration for All Other Accessories.This defibrillator's simplicity means that anyone can use it, while still maintaining advanced features for professional use. The unit provides both video instructions and clear voice prompts to instruct rescuers. The 4-year battery option will provide power for 125 shocks in AED mode or 8 hours of continuous use, and 4 years of standby. The unit's bright yellow color makes it highly visible and easy to locate in an emergency. This AED includes all the important features necessary to provide emergency treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and allows professional rescuers to either receive video and audio instructions or monitor detailed ECG data.This AED is fully integrated, extremely durable, and has no lids or moving parts which could hinder a rescue. It has been manufactured to resist water and dust, and tested to military standards for shock and crush damage, and for use on high-vibration environments like boats, helicopters, or jet aircraft. The rubberized surface makes it easy to grip in an emergency. Using data cards the unit can be upgraded as rescue protocols change, and data can be recorded and retrieved from the unit. This unit also allows for professional users to monitor the ECG while in AED mode, and is compatible with the optional 3-lead ECG monitoring adapter for more advanced monitoring of patients.

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